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Types & Prevalence of Binocular Vision Dysfunction in Concussion Patients

A young man looking at his doctor's finger during an eye-tracking exercise

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that can affect people of all ages. While most concussions are mild and resolve within a few weeks, some individuals may develop persistent symptoms affecting their daily functioning, including vision problems requiring vision therapy. One study showed that 62% of concussion patients with oculomotor problems experienced […]

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What Conditions Can Vision Therapy Treat?

A young girl is using Brock string for her strabismus.

Vision therapy aims to strengthen the connection between the eyes and brain and improve your visual skills. Vision therapy is designed by a trained optometrist or vision therapist to suit your specific needs—but what conditions exactly can vision therapy treat? Vision therapy can be an excellent way to address problems caused by lazy eye or […]

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