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What Conditions Can Vision Therapy Treat?

A young girl is using Brock string for her strabismus.

Vision therapy aims to strengthen the connection between the eyes and brain and improve your visual skills. Vision therapy is designed by a trained optometrist or vision therapist to suit your specific needs—but what conditions exactly can vision therapy treat? Vision therapy can be an excellent way to address problems caused by lazy eye or […]

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What Is IPL for Dry Eye & How Does It Work?

A young woman with a concerned look on her face rubbing her left eye with her left hand

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition affecting millions of Canadians every year. Best characterized by a dry, gritty, or burning sensation on the surface of your eyes, this condition can interfere with your visual needs and cause feelings of frustration in your everyday life. Fortunately, there are options available for dry eye treatment—like through […]

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